Friday, 15 January 2010

Inglot Nail Polishes

Inglot is a weird brand- noone seems to know about it and I don't think I've ever seen it in any magazines. It's a store I first went to in Canada, and since then I've visited one in the Westfield Center, but even it's website doesn't work. Weird.
But! I really like their stuff! It comes in a literal rainbow of colours at slightly above Boot's prices. And generally seems like good quality. I've tried their eyeshadows and nailpolishes so far and both seem highly pigmented and theyhave a massive range of colours.

Sadly, their colours don't have names, just numbers.

721, matte yellow

I didn't actually mean to buy a matte colour, and it's kind of annoying. I think it intimidates me or something and makes me not do it evenly. It dries matte instead of shiny, so you can't paint a drythrough top coat over it to dry it quicker, leaving even more opportunity to mess it up, which all means I've alas never worn this out of the house (unless as part of my pastel-fingers look!!.... shh). As for the colour, it's really opaque but not thick, so it goes on well. I think two coats is optimal... I'm not sure custard yellow is really very flattering on it's own though.

 Number 302, Sheer pale pink with green shimmer.

I really love this colour! It's quite sheer so you need two or three coats if you wear it on it's own, but it looks great over other colours to give an unusual green two tone effect. It's quite subtle with a slight unusualness in the green shimmer.

Number 319, Green Gold

This is a beautiful green colour with gold shimmer. It paints on fairly opaque but I usually do two coats to make sure it's even. For a polish with such alot of shimmer, it paints on very evenly and always looks nice :)

Number 338, Opaque pale pink

This is a fairly boring colour, but makes a nice change from shimmery pinks for a muted look that's subtle. The pink is not bright at all, almost a blushy skin colour. I don't really know why I bought this but I have used it quite alot for when I don't know what colour I should paint my fake nails but have to paint them something to cover up their fakeness!

Number 842, Flesh colour :/

This is such a gross colour!! It's basically exactly skin colour, so it makes your nails look like your skin has covered your nails or something. The reason I have it is that last summer, my boyfriend dropped something on his big toe, and got a gross black bruise under his nail. He asked me to cover it up if I could so I went specifically to Inglot knowing that if they didn't have the right shade in their huge spectrum of colours, noone would. I found it and it worked perfectly! Just a tiny dab over the bruise and it was disguised. Such glamour!
However, since then I have never used it because who wants fleshnails!?

I have a glittery polish from Inglot that I couldn't find when taking these photos, so maybe I'll do a special post just about glitters one day?


  1. what a great surprise!! you are really into the make-up and nails world! I love your paperlilies blog and your videos of course!! By the way, the sparkly chocolate cake is one of the cutest things I've ever seen :D I'll follow you also here!

    And yes, the flesh color is horrible :P

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  4. Well, this weird brand comes from Poland and as they're starting to open shops around the world first now, it's still not well known. :) It's very popular here because of the variety of colours and reasonable prices.